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We Help You Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind By Restoring Your Strength, Improving Your Balance & Reducing Your Joint Pain

Are you frustrated with the getting older, gaining weight, and struggling to do the activities you once loved?
You’ve probably tried to go to the gym on your own, but you struggle to stay motivated and you're never quite sure if you're doing the right things.
But don’t worry. You're not alone.
You see, at Still Got It Fitness, we work with women and men everyday who had those same concerns until they started with working with our staff of Certified Functional Aging Specialists in our fun, safe, and effective small group training programs. 

With years of coaching experience, I've learned how to constantly test and tweak my training methods to find the best formula for my busy clients to transform their lifestyle and feel 10 years younger.

And now, after years of experimenting, I think I've finally put together the perfect combination of training and accountability for baby boomers.

With the Holiday Body Rejuvenation, you will:
• Move better
• Improve flexibility & mobility
• Improve energy
• Rebuild your confidence
• Build strength
• Join a supportive community

But don't take my word for it, this is your opportunity to test drive our program for yourself.
To Your Success,
- Bruno Perron
Still Got It Fitness
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Lomita, CA  90717

Here's what you get with the Holiday Body Rejuvenation:

• Group training and Semi-private training
• Superior customer service with a focus on building relationships with our members
• Special seminars/events
• Nutrition coaching
• Safe, fun & effective program for those 50+ looking to regain strength, vitality, flexibility, and improve their quality of life

Now, imagine yourself in just a few weeks...

You look in the mirror and you are proud & confident...

• Proud of how you feel AND move...
• Confident that you can enjoy all your favorite activities outside the gym
• Proud of all your hard work...
• Confident that you've finally found the program to make this a lifestyle change...

But every long term change starts with a single decision, so take action today:

Sign Up Today (21 Days For Just $99)

I joined Still Got It in February 2018 for the first pilot challenge for the Boomer Fit class. I decided to join Still Got It because I wanted to start exercising harder and work on losing weight. Since I had played tennis in high school and college I knew I could dig deep inside myself and make the commitment needed to complete the class, although I knew it would be hard since I was 30 plus years older than when I was my most athletic self. My goals went beyond losing weight as I wanted functional fitness in my life and I wanted to make sure I could be able to get up off the floor if I fell, and hopefully avoid any falls in the first place with better balance and mobility. I stayed with the class after the 6 week challenge and in ensuing months the exercise has helped me to keep off 20 pounds, lose inches and reduce down almost 2 dress sizes, and I saw great results in both my cardio fitness and my blood tests with my doctor. I like working out at Still Got It because the class members are all 50+, friendly, and it’s become like a family. It’s really a nice group people who attend and participate. Bruno has designed a great class and promotes the supportive atmosphere. I look forward to continuing to have success with this program.    - Mary Alessandra-Cook

I have recently join Still Got It to improve my strength and mobility. As a professional athlete you are always in control of your body, now, several years into retirement my goal is to be functional and have a good quality of life. The Still Got It TEAM has help me and my wife Judy improve functional abilities.   - Parnelli Jones, 1963 Indianapolis 500 winner

Here's What You Can Expect with the Holiday Body Rejuvenation

Build Strength

You will build strength to move pain-free & feel better all day long.

Lose Weight & Body Fat

You will lose weight and belly fat to feel fit & confident again.

Improve Energy

You will reignite your fire and feel ten years younger again to conquer all your favorite activities.

Get Measurable & Tangible Results

You will have a professional coach measuring and guiding your progress, so you won't have to just hop on the treadmill and hope.

Join a Supportive Community

You will join a supportive community of parents and professionals led by elite professional coaches. 

Here's What You Get with the Holiday Body Rejuvenation

• Group training and semi-private training

• Superior customer service with a focus on building relationships with our members

• Special seminars/events

• Nutrition coaching

• Safe, fun & effective program for those 50+ looking to gain strength, vitality, flexibility  and improve quality of life


Here Is Another Still Got It Fitness Success Story

Still Got it Fitness, just do it!!! In February of 2018 I saw a Facebook ad for a six week, Group Exercise Challenge, Boomer Fit, for us BABY BOOMERS. 

Hmmm, sounded interesting, and maybe it could keep me interested and motivated, unlike all those other gyms I had joined over the years…boring…I needed something new.

So I took that Challenge, and I loved it. I met a great group of fun people, fellow Boomers like me, and awesome owners and staff!

We work hard, we run, we sweat, we laugh, we have fun! We get stronger, more fit, healthier and happier!

Fitness can be fun, I Challenge You!

Roxanne Comey

  • Holiday Body Rejuvenation

     One Simple Payment of $99
    • Group training and semi-private training
    • Superior customer service
    • Special seminars/events
    • Nutrition coaching
    • Safe, fun, & effective program for those 50+ to improve your quality of life